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The 21TEN Roy Ireland Memorial Blend is Here

Discover the inspirational story that led to the creation of this exclusive blend

Roy Ireland, Founding Father of Bristol Twenty, Image by Nick Church Photography

Image of Roy Ireland by Nick Church Photography

As many of you will be aware, our father and company founder, Roy Ireland, unfortunately lost his war against cancer in early April 2017. It was his third battle and even though he fought hard up until the very end, I don’t think he quite had the energy later in life to combat this horrible disease.

There are now an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, and this is set to rise to 4 million by 2030, when I will be reaching 50 myself. Cancer in the older generation is up by 25% since 2010, and with an estimated 980 new cases diagnosed each day. By 2020 1 in 2 people will get cancer at some point in their lives. Strains of cancer are also becoming more aggressive, such was the case dad’s last battle, which was an uncommon strain of T Cell Cancer that has rarely been seen in the UK. This added to the complexities of his treatment.

Although the cases of cancer are rising dramatically, the rate of people dying of cancer are rising much less slowly, and this is down to the amazing work that, not only cancer research and specialists are doing, but also to the outstanding work our hospitals are doing.

Dad spent time in the Bristol Royal Infirmary, part of the University Hospitals Bristol, with each of his battles, and especially the last where he was at the BRI & Southmead for a few months. He had such good things to say about his time there, about all of the staff from the porters to the specialists & received the most amazing care.

How Above & Beyond make a real difference to those in need

Above & Beyond Charity Logo

Dad has always been a huge supporter of ‘Above & Beyond’ the charity for Bristol city centre hospitals. Everyone has heard of most of the cancer charities and the amazing work they do, but not many people have heard about ‘Above & Beyond’. Their mission is to make a real difference to patients, their families and the staff who treat them in Bristol city centre hospitals. With the generosity of their donors and supporters they fundraise to:

Create welcoming environments.

The surroundings where patients are treated have a significant impact on how they feel which has a major influence on their recovery. It is not just about comfort and distraction, which are important; it is about a positive and welcoming space that gives confidence in the care they receive. Above & Beyond helps by upgrading existing spaces, providing artwork and creating new spaces such as private rooms or visitor lounges. This creates a calm, relaxed and less clinical feel, for a more pleasant and comforting atmosphere, which benefits patients, their families and visitors, and staff. The spaces that we help provide are fit to match the outstanding care provided by staff.

Provide state of the art equipment.

Technology and medical advancement is moving so fast that equipment can very quickly become outdated. The NHS can only afford to replace equipment every seven to ten years, so Above & Beyond helps by providing funds to purchase state of the art equipment, ensuring patients get the very best treatment. Funds provided by Above & Beyond help to save lives and offer a better quality of life, thanks to less invasive surgical techniques, quicker diagnosis and treatment. This reduces length of hospital stay and speeds up recovery, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Fund innovative research.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol) lead and contribute to world-class medical research studies to drive the very best treatment and care. Research is essential to advance patient care, help scientists better understand diseases and discover new and improved treatments. Research is expensive which is where Above & Beyond help. By funding innovative studies new research can benefit the patients of today and tomorrow.
For every £1 that we invest into research, a further £16 is attracted in new, larger grants. Funds provided go towards research project costs and funding individual researchers.

Support staff training and development.

Above & Beyond are proud to support all staff at the University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust NHS (UH Bristol). NHS staff work with all patients, in all stages of illness, in often demanding and stressful situations. Their commitment to providing the best quality of care, finding the best treatments, and being able to share their expertise, are all vital to our healthcare system. Continued education and development, support, recognition and motivation for all staff is often difficult on restricted NHS budgets. Above & Beyond has a key part to play by supporting staff training and development, celebrating excellence and recognising success, which encourages teamwork and rewards staff teams for their extraordinarily hard work.

Rory Ireland & Catherine Harris
Bristol Twenty Coffee
Rory Ireland & Catherine Harris

Rory Ireland from Bristol Twenty & Catherine Harris from Above & Beyond

Working with inspirational local people, their vision is to raise funds to ensure patient care is the very best it can be in Bristol city centre hospitals. They aim to make a difference to every patient and every condition. As Bristol becomes a younger and younger city, very few people consider our hospitals until its too late. We will all need our hospitals at some point in our lives and we feel that it would be better to support them now, before it is too late.

Catherine Harris, corporate partnerships fundraising officer for Above & Beyond, said: “Partnerships with local businesses are essential in enabling us to fund key projects that go beyond what the NHS is able to provide. We are incredibly grateful to all the team at Bristol Twenty Coffee for their commitment to helping to improve treatment for hundreds of patients at the BRI.”

That is why we are proud to introduce our 21TEN – Roy Ireland Memorial blend, where £1 from every kilo sold will be donated to Above & Beyond. By purchasing this special blend you will be helping to make a real difference to patient care in our city.

Introducing the 21TEN Memorial Blend

Those of you that knew dad would remember that he had simple tastes, but liked quality, especially when it came to coffee. His tastes arked back to a simpler time, and although he embraced the coffee revolution as it evolved, he liked a traditional coffee in his cup. 21TEN is an ode to this approach to coffee, with a modern twist.

21TEN Memorial Blend

21TEN is a special blend of top quality Brazilian Santos, Costa Rican SHB and extraordinary washed Indian Robusta. Roasted to a medium espresso roast, at our roastery in Bristol, the blend is proving popular among all ages. Great for espresso, cappuccino and lattè, this coffee is smooth and rich with a long, intense finish.

Great care was taken when designing the overall feel of the coffee, not just the blend, so that it stood as a testament to a great father and a characterful company figure head. Riley & Thomas did a fantastic job to incorporate dad’s passion for rugby and his favourite colours it to the label design. Even the name 21TEN, was carefully chosen to mark his date of birth rather than his passing, so as to celebrate his eventful life.

The blend has already captured the interest of Ashton Gate stadium where they like the links to sport and Redland Bakery that love the community support that the blend will hopefully give to our hospitals.

Rory’s Tasting Notes

Brazil nut and vanilla pod with fruit chocolate notes. Reminiscent of a Fruit and Nut bar

Brew Ratio: 1:2.25
Extraction Time : 30 – 35 Seconds

If you too work for a company in the South West and would like to make a difference to Bristol’s hospitals, visit their Support Us At Work page or contact Catherine Harris on 0117 370 0846 or email

For more information on our exclusive 21TEN Memorial blend, call us today on 0843 557 4669 or email to make your coffee offering have a real impact on Bristol City care.