Barista Style Coffee At Home

Looking to create barista style coffee from home? Discover Bristol Twenty Coffee and equipment for your barista style coffee.

If you are looking to make your own barista style coffee from home, then this is the perfect guide for you to explore and see what your coffee style is. If you are new to coffee or you are a coffee connoisseur, there is always something new to explore from new blends of coffee to updated trends and techniques.

barista style coffe - espresso


Many high quality blends are made from either Bourbon Santos or Brazil Cerrado due to the ability of Brazilian coffees to take dark roasts without turning overly bitter. This is due in part to the mild, balance flavour of Brazilian coffee beans. Our wonderful 21Ten blend adds a beautiful and lively aroma of vanilla and nutty characteristics, flavorful fruit and chocolate notes with a full body and a clean aftertaste.

This espresso has a medium-high acidity and is a silky smooth cup.

Best served exceptionally hot, it’s good practice to warm your espresso cup beforehand with a drop of hot water. Pour in 35ml freshly brewed coffee and enjoy the flavours.

Everything you need . . .

barista style coffe - 21Ten

21Ten Standard Espresso Roast

barista style coffee - aeropress



If you prefer a longer coffee with a little less intensity to release the flavours, then a classic americano is the perfect choice for you. Using your 35ml of freshly brewed espresso, pour over 100ml of freshly boiled water.

Bristol Twenty Formula 442 is a darkly roasted triple certified espresso blend of Fairtrade, Organic & Rainforest Alliance certified coffees including El Salvador Strictly Hard Bean, Sumatran Mandheling Grade 1 and Ethiopian Yiracheffe.

Roasted in small batches to ensure freshness of flavour.

Organic Soil Association approved
Rainforest Alliance approved
FairTrade approved

Bright and light from the outset with flowery berries, followed by a deep, smoky treacle and walnut finish. Low in acidity with a full bodied, mouth feel.

Bristol Twenty - Formula 442

Formula 442
Triple Certified Roast

barista style coffee - hario coffee dripper

Hario Coffee Dripper
V60 Ceramic 01


A latte offers you 1 part coffee and 3 parts milk, making it milkier and longer than a cappuccino. A combination of hot steamed milk and freshly brewed espresso. This creamy drink is actually very simple to make at home and can even be done without a coffee machine.

Blended from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified ™Arabicas, our La Selva espresso is balanced, bright tasting and well-rounded with spicy and aromatic undertones throughout. La Selva espresso is blend of coffees from Brazil, Honduras and Colombia for a smooth citrus, sweet caramel flavour with hints of rich red fruit and cocoa.