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Christmas Drink Recipes| Our Favourite Tipples

Are you looking for a new Christmas tipple to try? With more people looking for different ways to feel festive from home, we have put together our favourite Christmas drink recipes here at Bristol Twenty to share with you.

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As Christmas is approaching we are all starting to think about the potential of meeting up with friends and family within the guidelines. Many people will be experiencing Christmas at home this year, so we have collated a range of Christmas drink recipes that you can easily make at home. Some of these drinks you can make in larger quantities if you are entertaining family and friends, for the perfect Christmas coffee or a festive night in.

Christmas Drink Recipes - Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Candy Cane Peppermint Hot Chocolate

A quick and festive treat that everyone can enjoy! If you aren’t feeling festive yet, then a candy can hot chocolate is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. 

1 . In your favourite mug, crush half a candy cane put into the bottom of the mug
2 . Combine 1 scoop Zuma hot chocolate with a splash of hot water
3 . Add steamed milk and peppermint liqueur, stirring as you pour into your mug
4. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle the remaining crushed candy cane over the top. For extra decoration, you can put a whole candy cane into your hot chocolate.

Note: You can use either Zuma White or Milk hot chocolate. 

Christmas Drink Recipes - Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread Latte

Warm-up with a sweet and creamy gingerbread latte, filled with enough spices to make you want to bake a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies! 

1 . Steam milk, stirring as you heat
2 . Pour over espresso
3 . Add one-two pumps of Sweetbird Gingerbread Syrup and 30ml of coffee liqueur.
4. Stir, top with whipped cream and another drizzle of syrup!

Note: Our gingerbread latte is best served with a classic gingerbread biscuit, as a mid-morning festive treat!

Christmas Drink Recipes - Eggnog Latte
Christmas Drink Recipes - Christmas Coffee
Christmas Drink Recipes - Rumchata

Eggnog Latte

A festive-inspired Christmas coffee. The perfect combination of festive flavours combined with strongly brewed coffee.

1 . Steam milk, stirring as you heat
2 . Add 150ml of eggnog or advocaat
3 . Stir and pour into your favourite mug
4 . Add espresso over the top
5. Top with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg, enjoy! 

Note: This winter favourite can easily be made by warming the milk in a saucepan if you do not have a milk steamer at home.

Nutmeg and Orange Christmas Coffee

The perfect Christmas coffee. 

Ingredients: 4tbsp Bristol Twenty Polar Espresso Ground Coffee, 1 small cinnamon stick, 2 pitted dates, a pinch of ground nutmeg, 2 cloves, orange zest and 50ml of orange liqueur.

1 . Put the ground coffee, cinnamon stick and dates in a large cafetiere.
2 . Add the ground nutmeg, cloves and orange zest, then pour over 400ml freshly boiled water and the 50ml of orange liqueur.
3 . Stir gently with a wooden spoon to combine, then leave to steep for 4 mins.
4. Slowly push down the plunger and serve.


Warm-up with a sweet and creamy gingerbread latte, filled with enough spices to make you want to bake a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies! 

1 . Combine 1 scoop Zuma white hot chocolate with a splash of hot water
2 . Add steamed milk and 50ml RumChata, stirring as you pour into your mug
3 . Top with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Note: If you cannot get RumChata then add a 50ml measure of any rum will still make a creamy hot chocolate

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