Coffee Recommendations | Bristol Twenty Coffee Team

Get to know your Bristol Twenty Coffee Team and their coffee recommendations in preparation for
UK Coffee Week 18th – 24th October, 2021.

Our Bristol Twenty Coffee team works hard every day in the ongoing day-to-day runnings of the roastery and production of our different coffee blends. Read more about which coffee is their favorite and which ones keep them going on a busy Monday morning at the roastery . . .

Bristol Twenty Coffee Brazil Coffee Beans
Bristol Twenty Coffee Team Rory


Head Roaster and Sales Director

As I’m constantly looking at our options and trying so many different beans, my favourite changes on a daily basis.

At the moment though I can’t get enough of the Mio Lot 2020. It’s like a milk chocolate Terry’s orange, with milk chocolate and praline being the biggest flavours and a hint of tangerine in the background. I also love the Mio family and enjoy working with them.

Mió is a coffee farm in Monte Santo de Minas, Brazil, that exports, imports, stores, and sells coffee. The farm spans a total of 1,589 hectares. A third of the land is used for the coffee processing and milling facilities, some pasture areas and the plantation of eucalyptus trees, which is home to some lovely bees. This is a very special coffee and we are very excited to have this in our product line. This honey processed yellow catucai is unique; it is the first Brazilian peaberry we have come across, and the bean size is so uniform that it roasts evenly every time.


Chief Engineer

If I had to choose my favorite coffee I would be torn between 21 TEN and the new Sumatra Hutan so much that I couldn’t pick between them! I love 21TEN for its amazing way to not lose its fruity qualities when mixed with milk. We roast 21Ten in small batches to ensure freshness of flavour.

The Sumatran follows in the same steps but I find that made as a black filter almost enhances those tropical fruit flavours leaving such a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste that not many coffees can do! This Sumatra Hutan is a new coffee created with Ketiara and DR Wakefield to fund the protection of the forests in Sumatra where this coffee is grown. Coming from a number of smallholder farmers across the Bies, Gegarang, Jagong, and Bintang areas, the principal of there being Bies. 70% of the smallholder households here are women producers.

Bristol Twenty Coffee Team Aaron
Bristol Twenty Coffee Team Kate


Financial Director

Surprisingly I’m not a huge coffee drinker, more a nice cup of tea, but when I do want of coffee I think you can’t beat our 21Ten, not only does it have some great memories associated with it for all of us, it’s also a really easy drinking cup; Smooth enough to suit my pallet but punchy enough to give me that boost on a busy morning.

From every pack of this blend sold, £1 will be donated to Above & Beyond, the charity for Bristol city centre hospitals. Roy Ireland, the founder of Bristol Twenty, received outstanding care from all of the staff in the BRI and we, his family, are delighted to produce this blend in his honour. By purchasing this pack, you will be helping to make a real difference to patient care in our city  thank you for the support.

All of our new packaging is either fully compostable, recycled, recyclable, reusable or all of the above. Our philosophy is simple: we want to help you serve the very best range of hot drinks possible in the most sustainable way we can.

Bristol Twenty Coffee Brazil Plantation


Head Packer and Trainee Roaster

I’m a big fan of our La Selva blend for the strength of taste, it’s darker roasted and has a delicious depth of flavour. The sweet and fruity flavour makes it my ideal morning cuppa. Following closely in second place is the Costa Rican Tarrazu.

Blended from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ Arabicas, our La Selva espresso is balanced, bright tasting and well-rounded with spicy and aromatic undertones throughout. La Selva is our standard espresso roast – coffee Blending is necessary for espresso since a single coffee origin will lack the complexity desired.  It is important to remember that the advantage of espresso over other brewing methods is a result of the formation of the crema.  Without the crema the espresso would be strong, thick coffee.  The crema is an emulsified layer of tiny, smooth bubbles that trap aromatic compounds.  This layer coats the tongue and these small bubbles break over time allowing the espresso to be enjoyed long after it has been consumed.  An aromatic coffee, therefore, is essential to a well-prepared espresso blend.

Bristol Twenty Coffee Team Iain
Bristol Twenty Coffee Team Chris


Technical Director

My favourite is still 442! From the first moment I sampled it not long after I’d put the idea of Bristol Twenty to my brother and sister, I loved it. I was trying to create a triple-certified coffee with a darker roast than most of the new wave coffees that were hitting the market at the time, as I knew this would suit the taste of our festival trading clients.

Many of them had been in the industry for over 20 years at the time and had developed their skills on the continent where darker roast are the norm. I opened the first sample put it through a grinder without much adjustment, made an espresso and tried it. “That’s it” I thought to myself and called Rory and Kate to try it! I don’t think we even tried the other samples, it felt a bit too easy, but it’s proved to be one of our most popular blends. I love its dark chocolate and malt flavours and it’s always got a sweet caramel finish even (and this isn’t a recommendation) when it’s not pouring perfectly. To this day every time I open a bag, it takes me right back to a festival field in summer, servicing customers, loud music in the background and banter with the crew.


Sales Manager

Favourite Coffee is Colombia Las Acacias – the fruity, medium-bodied Colombian beans are smooth with the distinctive caramel undertones – makes a quality espresso!!

Colombia Las Acacias is from Antioquia; a mountainous area mainly due to the Andes, that is the 6th largest department in Colombia. Las Acacias is a traditional washed coffee. Ou Las Acacia blend is grown by Silvia Vargas on her farm up to at a wheezy 1900m altitude. She uses crops from her Caturra & Typica trees to produce an amazing example of Colombian coffee that has notes of Christmas flavoured caramelized oranges, candied peel, and caramel creamy body. Perfect!