With health conscious consumers becoming increasingly savvy, to both what is in food and drink as well as how it is made, cold brew coffee must come as a welcome addition.

For years the food and drink sector has wondered why consumers didn’t seem to care about their food and drink further than its price and which supermarket they could buy from. That, however, is changing.

A distinct group of consumers are leading the trend. Let us call them ‘Coffee Trend Leaders’. They not only extend the knowledge on coffee, beans, roast and how it should be ground and brewed but now seek more knowledge. Cold brew coffee has given these trend leaders a whole new area of interest. Not only are the beans and grind selected and treated differently, but the flavours that can be achieved require great expertise and patience. These trend leaders are setting the pace for a wider audience for this new phenomena, seeking a healthy, flavoursome, refreshing drink that is for adults and the educated palate.

With a tax on sugar and more information on labels regarding the sugar, fat and additives in many drinks, a new and genuinely grown-up beverage that offers real health advantages is almost too good to be true. Even the range and variety of flavours makes the occasions cold brew coffee can be used for means this new category of cold beverage is very versatile.

What is the catch? Well, if you are reading this thinking you can quickly make some cold brew coffee then read on a little. It takes time, a long time. Instant coffee this is not! Worse, rush and you risk ruin. The flavours are complex and worth waiting for and it’s a drink you can enjoy, in quantity. With the recent reappraisal of coffee that it is not just healthier than the alternatives but recommended over healthy tea.

So, while the competition rush to reduce sugar, new entrants might make us forget we even sought sweetness.


Our new cold brew coffee aptly named Brewed Cold offers not just a great flavoured ready to drink cold brew coffee but a champion for the new category. With varieties of flavours planned too Brewed Cold will aim to help new consumers discover the great tastes but also give the existing trend leaders great tasting product for when they are out and about.

Brewed Cold, a great way to enjoy a new, healthy drink. Brewed Cold The Thinking Person’s Drink