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Are you ready for the rise of dairy alternatives and new flavours to complement your drinks?

Throughout 2017 we have seen a significant growth in plant-based dairy alternatives within the drinks industry from soy to almond, oat to coconut and beyond. Customers have been very open to experimentation and trying new flavours and combinations. New flavours starting to emerge include macadamia nut, cashew nut and flaxseed with other flavours constantly evolving and being introduced to the market.

Most of the dairy alternative growth stems from the production of almond milk, which first became hugely popular in the United States. With a sales rise from ‘virtually zero’ in the mid 2000’s to over $1 Billion in 2016 alone it’s looking like the plant-based alternative is here to stay.
Customers are increasingly looking for different options that enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices. Lactose-free, dairy-free and plant based vegan options are no longer just for those with allergies or intolerances, they are for everyone to enjoy and are seen by some as an indulgence.

To meet customer demand for these products and to assist customers with their experimentation, we have added 2 exciting new flavours to our range – Turmeric and Matcha. Both of which go perfectly with both dairy and plant-based alternatives.

Turmeric is a relative of the ginger family, it has a warm, pepper-like flavour with an earthy mustard aroma. It can be found in its pure or powdered form – both of which are a beautifully bright orange colour. Turmeric has been traditionally used throughout Asia for thousands of years for a variety of different reasons, from traditional Chinese medicine to dyeing clothes to cooking.
Turmeric has been increasingly used in the beverage industry in recent years, being added to various drinks to add a very subtle heat and beautiful golden hue.

One of the most popular uses in drinks is as a turmeric chai latte, especially when made with coconut milk – We recommend using the Alpro Professional range. Helping to create a perfect, vegan friendly, drink ensuring that vegan customers are not left out and are able to freely experiment too. Our turmeric chai latte drink is made from organic ingredients and features a well rounded variety of different flavours, combining to create an unforgettable, vibrant drink.
Its vibrant yellow appearance from the turmeric has added flavours of vanilla, ginger and orange making it the perfect seasonal alternative to a gingerbread latte, as well as a delicious year round drink. Here at Bristol Twenty, we like to add a shot of freshly brewed Formula 442 espresso for the perfect morning kick.

From warm, peppery notes to fresh, grassy flavours

Matcha is on a different end of the flavour spectrum, offering customers fresh grassy flavours it is seen as the purest way to get a green tea kick. Traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha is made from stone-ground green tea leaves, often made with hot but not boiling water and whisked until frothy using a special bamboo whisk, this is what gives the tea its traditional smooth and silky consistency.

Matcha has risen in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to its beautiful bright green appearance and its numerous health benefits. Our matcha is organic, high in protein and fibre and is incredibly versatile, lending itself to uses in many culinary dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks. Due to its grassy, often spinach-like taste, a lot of customers prefer to have their matcha drinks sweetened with our range of Sweetbird syrups.

Just like our turmeric chai latte drink, matcha is also especially good when made with almond or coconut milk. It can also be made with just water, making matcha another vegan friendly option. A favourite serving suggestion from the Bristol Twenty team is a Matcha Yogurt Frappe, made with almond milk and blended until smooth and creamy – a very indulgent and filling drink to get your morning off to the right start – we especially like ours with the addition of a few blueberries.

Our Organic Turmeric Chai is supplied by Zuma and our Matcha blend is supplied by Cosy – both go perfectly well with our range of Sweetbird syrups and purees.
We are looking forward to seeing the range of plant-based alternative drinks grow and experimenting with the growing range of complimentary flavours and syrups.

Call us today on 0843 557 4669 or email to see how we can help you expand your drinks offering and delight your customers with an extended range of on trend, tasty drinks.

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