Everything You Need to Know About Single-Origin Coffee

What is Single-Origin Coffee?

If you're a coffee lover, you've likely heard the term ‘single-origin coffee’. But what exactly does it mean, and where does it come from?

Single-origin coffee refers to coffee beans that are sourced from a single geographic location or region. This could be a specific country, a region within a country, or even a single farm or estate.  The key characteristic of single-origin coffee is that the beans are not mixed or blended with beans from other origins. Here at Bristol Twenty Coffee, we offer a range of single-origin coffees from around the globe for you to choose from. Explore our selection here.

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The Flavour Journey

One of the most exciting aspects of single-origin coffee is the distinct flavour profile it offers. When coffee is grown in a particular region, its taste can be heavily influenced by various factors, including:

Climate and Altitude

Coffee grown at higher altitudes tends to develop more complex flavours due to slower bean maturation. Different climates yield different flavours; for instance, Ethiopian coffee often has fruity and floral notes, while Colombian coffee leans towards nutty and chocolate flavours.

Soil Composition

The type of soil in which coffee plants are cultivated can impart unique characteristics to the beans. Volcanic soils, for instance, are known to produce coffee with pronounced acidity and brightness.

Processing Methods

The way coffee cherries are processed after harvesting greatly influences the final flavour. Natural or washed, each offer distinct taste profiles.


Coffee plants come in different varieties, and each one has its own flavour characteristics.

Single-Origin Coffee
Single-Origin Coffee

Why Choose Single-Origin Coffee?

1. Flavour 

Delve into a diverse range of coffee flavours and profiles from different regions around the world.

2. Transparency 

You know exactly where your coffee comes from. This transparency is appealing to consumers who value the traceability and ethics of their coffee.

3. Supporting Farmers

By choosing this type of coffee, you often directly support the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities.

4. Seasonal Variety 

Coffee is a seasonal crop, and single-origin coffees change with the harvest seasons. This provides an opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of flavours throughout the year. 

Single-origin coffee is a gateway to discovering the incredible diversity of flavours that coffee can offer. We have a selection of the finest single-origin coffees from the most famous coffee-producing areas of the world. Individually roasted to compliment the coffee, and enhance the differing characteristics of each one. Explore our range here.

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