Over the summer, we have been fitting out a brand new training room! We can now offer courses on Basic Barista Skills, Advanced Barista Skills and an Introduction to Basic Roasting Skills.



Basic Barista Skills

This course is aimed at beginners and home enthusiasts. The course includes some basic theory about varieties, origins and flavours. We discuss grinders and textures and how to set up all your equipment.

We then go onto the machines; with a step by step to the perfect espresso, milk techniques, discussing the basic barista menu and a brief intro to latte art.

Finally, we cover care and maintenance of your machine.

Advanced Barista Skills

This course covers coffee’s many possible flavours, aromas and textures due to the complex range of acids, sugars and bitter compounds it contains. Every bean offers different possibilities to the barista based on its variety, origin, processing and roast. However, it is up to the barista to unlock this potential using the tools at their disposal. Such as dose, grind texture, water temperature, quantity and pressure.

We’ll look at the science of how espresso extracts and how to use this knowledge to get the most from beans of different styles. We’ll then study the modern ways of evaluating extraction through measuring TDS, extraction percentages, and expressing this through espresso brew formulas.

We also offer an Introduction to Basic Roasting Skills.

Sessions can be booked to suit you. We run the courses on most days, Mon – Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm. (Timings can be arranged to suit your needs.)

All offered free to Bristol Twenty Coffee customers.
We also offer any course to non-Bristol Twenty Coffee customers at a fee. Price on enquiry.

Call 0843 557 4669 or email sales@bristol-twenty.co.uk to book your training course!