Rancilio Classe 5


3GR: 2 filter-holder for two coffees and 1 filter-holder for one coffee / 2GR: 1 filterholder for two coffees and 1 filter-holder for one coffee, 2 steam wands, 1 hot water dispenser, cleaning discs, adjustable feet


C-Lever – ergonomic steam control, YouSteam – manual steam wand (*), pods and caps adaptor, electric cup warmer

Technical Data:

  • C-Lever ergonomic steam control for easy use
  • Automatic dose control
  • hot water dispenser with programmable time-controlled dosing
  • independent heat exchangers
  • electric heating
  • built-in volumetric pump
  • boiler pressure gauge
  • automatic water level control
  • electronic boiler pressure control
  • LED lights: work area (not available on the 2 groups COMPACT)

Technical Spec:

Download a pdf brochure of the Rancilio Classe 5