Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee

New in-house roasted, single origin coffees from Bristol Twenty

Discover our blends and festive flavour pairings

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It’s been an exciting month of change at Bristol Twenty, as we change our grocery coffee blends over to a select range of single origin coffees from around the world.

Our delicious new range of single origin coffees are to be roasted in house and will feature an exclusive range of coffees from across the globe, from Brazil to Costa Rica and beyond. Our single origin range has something for everyone, from mild and mellow Costa Rican SHB to richly roasted flavours of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Espresso.

Brazilian Santos

Our Brazilian Santos coffee is expertly sourced from Brazil, known the world over as one of the most prolific and dedicated coffee producers. A staggering third of the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil and exported to other countries. Much of Brazil’s premium coffee is labelled Santos after the port it is shipped through in order to get to other parts of the world.
Our Brazilian Santos dark roast features a mild acidity, smooth body and sweet, caramel flavours. This bean, with a pleasant cinnamon nuance and dark chocolate undertones, is perfect for anything from filter coffee to espresso and everything in between this festive season.

For a festive flavour, we recommend pairing our Brazilian Santos with a caramel or vanilla syrup to highlight the nutty tones.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated SHB

Our Swiss Water Decaffeinated process focuses on using the elements of water, temperature and time in order to create some of the most intriguing decaffeinated coffee available.
Created using Guatemalan coffee, revered as one of the most flavourful and nuanced cups in the world. The beans have a distinctive taste quality which is favoured by many for its incredibly rich medium to full bodied flavour, with and almost spicy depth and complexity.
Starting with small batches of high quality coffee and green coffee extract, local water is added. With loving attention to time monitoring and temperature, a coffee which is 99.9% caffeine free is produced.

This particular dark roasted coffee is bright tasting and full bodied, reminiscent of rich caramel apple pie. Pairs perfectly with Zuma dark hot chocolate and Sweetbird orange syrup for a delicious chocolate orange treat reminiscent of Christmas flavours and traditions.

Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee
Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee
Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee

Colombian Excelso

Our Colombian Excelso single origin is a lightly roasted coffee with beans sourced exclusively from Columbia, the second largest producer of coffee in the world and well known for their high quality coffee.
Interestingly, Colombia only produces washed Arabica Coffee, with three primary varieties grown across Colombia, the coffee is referred to by the region in which it is grown.This particular type of coffee bean is named Excelso, a Colombian coffee grading term. Excelso beans in particular, are often larger and flatter than other coffee beans and often include some peaberries within the harvest.Each cup of our Colombian Excelso coffee features a well balanced acidity with a rich, rounded body. Hints of spicy cherry-almond flavours offer a balanced sensory profile of excellent coffee.

For a distinctive festive flavour, our Colombian Excelso works exceptionally well as part of a Christmas Pudding latte, using Sweetbird Winter Spice flavoured syrup.

Costa Rican SHB

Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee

Our Costa Rican SHB is specially sourced using the finest Costa Rican beans, and dark roasted. Strictly only allowing Arabica beans to be grown across the country, the best beans are labelled as SHB – Strictly Hard Beans. Meaning the beans can only be grown at an altitude of above 4,000 ft. The high altitudes are perfect for coffee growing and produce beans with a higher acidity. The altitude also means that nights are cooler, slowing down the rate at which the coffee plants mature. This generally produces beans with a much richer and more intriguing flavour profile.
Our Costa Rican SHB offers lively aromas of vanilla paired beautifully with subtle chocolate notes. Each cup finishes with a dry, lemon-like citrus bite offering a clean aftertaste from a smooth, full bodied coffee.

Further the festivities by pairing our Costa Rican SHB with Sweetbird Gingerbread syrup in an almond milk based latte. The mellow flavours of the blend work exceptionally well the spicy notes of Gingerbread and nuttiness of the almond milk.

Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee

Ethiopian Yiracheffe

From the dark roasted rich flavours of our Costa Rican SHB, to the sweet, fruity and floral flavours of our Ethiopian Yiracheffe. Sourced from the Amaro zone in Yiracheffe, these beans are comprised of coffees from around 2250 smallholder farmers, located across the area. Each farmer selectively picks the ripest cherries from their 1-2 hectare crop, before delivering their lot to a centralised collection point.
From this centralised collection point, the cherries are carefully sorted into grades and laid out to dry on raised beds. After a minimum of 60 days resting, these cherries are hulled and shipped. Tis long process ensures the coffee is completely dry, contributing to the perfect balance and longevity of the resulting cup profile.
Our Ethiopian Yiracheffe coffee is packed with flavour and complex characteristics thanks to the terrior, altitude and heirloom varietals prevalent in the Yiracheffe region of Ethiopia. Each cup is bursting with apricot flavours, with incredibly sweet noted of blueberry and mango. Complex rose petal florals add a delicate finish to sensational cup of coffee.

For the perfect Festive treat, pair our Ethiopian Yiracheffe with Sweetbird Cinnamon syrup to create the perfect Cinnamon latte – the ideal Christmas shopping pick me up.

Burundi Rubanda – Ntobo Farmer Group

This Burundi Rubanda from the Rubanda Washing station in the Mutambu region of Bujumbura province, is an example of the excellent coffees they produce. The Ntobo Farmers group consist of around 400 members, from the surrounding hillside delivering coffee in their groups to be processed, wet milled, fermented and conditioned prior to dry milling. There are up to 10,000 farmers in the region in total delivering coffee from their small holdings (typically less than 1 hectare in size, with around 200 active producing trees on each one)
Complex and sweet, well balanced and perfect for espresso, and pour over. Aromas of sugar syrup, toffee and honey break away to reveal sugar cane sweetness, pulped raisin sweetness and caramel flavour. Gentle yet crisp acidity, exude hints of lemon and orange zest this coffee is best experienced on its own.

This particular coffee lends itself to being drank as it is with no flavourings added. Perfect for lazy Christmas morning drinking and rounding off meals this festive season.

Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee

Monsooned Malabar

Our Monsooned Malabar is a special and distinct coffee sourced from Southern India. It has an incredibly unique flavour, this is specially produced by recreating the “monsooned” effect.
Whole crop coffee cherries are selected and sun-dried in expansive barbeques. After being sorted into ‘AA’ and ‘A’ grades, the beans are stored in warehouses until the onset of monsoon season.
When the monsoon season reaches India, the selected beans are exposed to the moisture rich monsoon winds in well-ventilated warehouses from June through to September. The monsooning process involves careful handling, repeated spreading, raking and turning of the beans at regular intervals. Through absorbing the monsoon moisture, the beans get significantly large and turn a pale golden colour. This process produces beans which are heavy in body with a chocolatey aroma. Notes of nuts and spices finish off the incredibly soft, distinctly aged character of the coffee.

The spicy and nutty flavours of our Monsooned Malabar blend lend themselves perfectly to creating a spicy mocha, blend with Zuma dark hot chocolate and a splash of Sweetbird Chilli syrup too if you’re feeling brave.

Continental Blend

Our Continental Blend is comprised of dark, highly roasted African and Central American beans which require careful attention during roasting. As is traditional, our Continental blend is comprised of beans specially sourced from Brazil and expertly blended w