Sip Into Spring Drinks Recipes

In need of some Spring drinks recipes? From frappes to smoothies and much more . . .

With Spring in full force, we have collated our favourite recipes going into the warmer months ready for the re-opening of all of our favourite coffee shops. Creating a new drinks menu for the Spring months is all about catering to everyone’s needs, adapting to seasonal flavours and produce that is in season as well as looking at expanding your cold drink offerings.

bristol twenty spring drinks recipes

Explore Our Spring Drinks Recipes For Inspiration

As restrictions are starting to lift and we can start seeing friends and family outside, we are all excited at the thought of meeting friends for a coffee or lunch! Getting a new menu together, whilst managing stock and returning staff can be difficult, so here are some quick easy Spring drinks recipes you can offer.

bristol twenty dairy free spring drinks recipes

Dairy-Free Option . . .

Being able to cater for everyone’s health requirements is now essential. We work closely alongside Gut Instinct who have just released their new Barista Edition Oat Milk which has a 15% oat content. This makes for a creamy and luxurious mouthfeel and a subtle sweetness.

The Sweetbird English Toffee syrup has a buttery sweetness with a rich, creamy aftertaste that compliments Gut Instinct Oat Milk for the perfect cooling Spring drink that includes your daily coffee fix!

Spring Drinks Recipe: English Toffee Iced Latte

Sweetbird English Toffee Syrup
Double Espresso
Gut Instinct Barista Edition Oat Milk (Other alternatives available)

Add ice to cup to 1/3 full

Pour double espresso and 2 pumps English Toffee syrup over ice

Top with milk

Stir and serve

In Season . . .

Rhubarb is typically in season between April – June and is the perfect addition to your Spring Drinks Recipes to offer to your customers.

As such a quintessentially British flavour, Rhubarb is the ideal syrup to use for both hot and cold drinks. The perfect balance of sweet and sharp, Sweetbird Rhubarb syrup is made using British sugar and real rhubarb. Working as a simple soda with sparkling water and ice for a highly profitable and refreshing fizz or add to hot chocolate or frappés for something more indulgent.

Spring Drinks Recipe: Rhubarb & Mint Soda

Sweetbird Rhubarb Syrup 
Sweetbird Mint Syrup 

Add 1 pump mint syrup and 2 pumps rhubarb syrup to a cup

Fill to 3/4 with sparkling water

Stir and add ice cubes to fill

*Alternatively use fresh mint to add flavour and garnish. Muddle in with the rhubarb syrup before adding the soda to release the flavour.

bristol twenty rhubarb spring drinks recipes
bristol twenty honeycomb spring drinks recipes

Chocolate Fix . . .

What better flavour to celebrate the hotter Spring months than chocolate. Perfect for ice-cold milkshakes and frappés or an indulgent hot chocolate or mocha. Whatever the weather these drinks shine through and will satisfy even the most extreme chocoholics!

For our Spring drinks recipes, we have paired up the Sweetbird Honeycomb Syrup in a classic chocolate milkshake with flavours of caramelised sugar with rich caramel notes to create a honeycomb syrup reminiscent of our favourite chocolate bar.

Spring Drinks Recipe: Honeycomb Chocolate Milkshake

Ice + milk
1⁄2 scoop Sweetbird Chocolate frappé
2 pumps of Sweetbird Honeycomb syrup
Chocolate sauce
Whipped cream

Half fill the cup with ice
Pour milk over ice, leaving 1cm gap at top of the cup
Pour contents of the cup into blender jug
Add syrup and frappé
Put the lid on tightly then blend until smooth
Pour into cup, add whipped cream and sauce

Getting Ready To Open!

We highly recommend you check all of your equipment before re-opening, ensuring that your coffee machine is in complete working order after being turned off for a little while. If you are able to do this in advance then one of our engineers will be able to come and help you if there are any issues. For full instructions to turning your coffee machine back on as well as tips and tricks, please read our guide HERE. As we are keen on saying, a clean and controlled machine guarantees optimal performance, excellent quality, and lasts longer!

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