Storing Coffee And Keeping It Fresh

Storing your coffee is so important in keeping it fresh and full of flavour for a longer amount of time!

As soon as coffee beans have been roasted, over time they will lose their freshness. That is why it is important to store your coffee properly as quickly as possible. As coffee loses its freshness it will begin to lose the natural aromas and flavours that come from the roasting processes.

As soon as we have roasted our coffee we store it in our Bristol Twenty sealed biodegradable bags.

Once You Have Ordered Your Bristol Twenty Coffee – This Is How You Store It

Once opened our coffee beans will stay fresh for around a month as long as they are stored properly. Ground coffee will last for around 2 weeks. This is because ground coffee has a larger surface area for air, heat, moisture and light to get to it. Ensure you keep your coffee in an airtight container to keep it fresher for longer.

Bristol Twenty Storing Coffee
Bristol Twenty Storing Coffee

Buy Less More Often

Our freshly roasted coffee is packaged in our air tight sealed bags so you know it will be fresh when it arrives with you. However, buying little and often will ensure you are using your coffee at its optimal freshness each month with no waste.

If you’re buying whole bean coffee, buy only the amount you expect to use within a month. Then grind only as many beans as you need, just before your brew your coffee.

At Bristol Twenty Coffee, we offer a subscription service that just this. We send you a specified subscription box of coffee, ground to your liking. We send this to you every month.

Storing Coffee – Either Whole Bean Or Ground Coffee

Keep The Air Out – Air Tight Containers

Once you have opened your coffee and released the seal, store it straight away into an air-tight container. The sooner you do this the longer your coffee will stay fresh.

By minimising the amount of air that comes into contact with your coffee you will maximise the length of time your coffee will stay fresh. Most normal kitchen air-tight containers will work well.

Avoid Moisture – Do Not Keep In The Fridge

Coffee needs to be stored in a dry place as excessive moisture will only make the coffee decrease in flavour and aroma. If your coffee is exposed to too much moisture then you will begin to notice a sour taste and mouthfeel.

If moisture gets into your coffee then you may change the flavour profile of the coffee and it will not brew in the same way.

Before You Brew Keep Your Coffee Away From The Heat

A cool, dry cupboard space is the best place to store your coffee as you also need to make sure that it does not get too hot. By storing your coffee in a warm cupboard or by an appliance that gets warm you run the risk of the heat breaking down the flavour in the coffee.

Avoiding The Direct Sunlight

You should also avoid storing your coffee in any windows or shelves that receive direct sunlight. Clear glass containers may look aesthetically pleasing but do not help keep your coffee fresh.

The sunlight combined with the heat will also break down the flavours and aromas of the coffee.

Knowing how to store coffee to keep it fresh is not rocket science. But buying the right amount of coffee and storing it correctly will go a long way towards giving you a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Bristol Twenty Coffee Subscription

Bristol Twenty Coffee Subscription


We are constantly sourcing and roasting a selection of new and exciting coffee.

The coffee selections are available to our monthly coffee subscription club customers are selected on quality and cup character. Every batch is freshly roasted by hand here in Bristol and dispatched each month to anywhere in mainland UK. Your coffee is dispatched in a 250gm letter box-friendly packaging and includes detailed tasting notes. Each month’s delivery will be from our range of single-origin and blended coffees and picked for what is seasonal that month. For example our Taste of the West Gold award-winning Las Acacias Estate from Colombia.


We’ll ask you how you drink your brew.
You can have your coffee either as whole bean or we can grind your coffee to perfectly suit your brewing methods. Now sit back whilst we freshly roast and deliver it to your door. Each month our monthly coffee subscription club customers will receive our monthly Roasters Choice coffee.
Bristol Twenty Storing Coffee
Bristol Twenty Coffee Subscription
Bristol Twenty Storing Coffee

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