Bristol Twenty Sustainability Goals For 2023

Explore some of our goals as sustainable coffee roasters in 2023 and how we actively look to make positive environmental impacts.

When we started Bristol Twenty Coffee Company, we knew that we wanted quality and responsibility to define us. However, when we took the leap to roast our own coffee in 2014, that idea of responsibility became paramount. We had to decide how to maintain a focus on quality coffee while being responsible members of the complex supply chain that is coffee. As sustainable coffee roasters, we have a responsibility in the industry to lead the way in positive change.

Now 9 years later we are just as passionate, if not even more so about being a fully sustainable company. As a result, each year we revisit how we can improve our environmental impact. In conclusion to everything that has gone on in 2022, we have set ourselves some goals for the year ahead. We hope this encourages you to look at your own business. In short, see if there are any goals you could work towards this year to be more sustainable.

sustainable coffee roasters

Our Coffee and Packaging

With the introduction of the new sugar cane decaf coffee in January, we will be 100% traceable on all of our coffees. Ensuring we have good relationships with the growers and they are getting paid properly and using the correct farming methods. 

Although our packaging is recycled and recyclable we would like to further reduce waste. We are introducing Riverford-style delivery boxes that we can drop off and collect rather than be recycled. On our local deliveries, this will be easy similar to our reusable coffee tubs. All of our packaging is now plastic free, we reuse waste cardboard as packing material. As a business, we will continue to look for ways of reducing waste from the packaging that we receive

Bristol twenty coffee farm
sustainable coffee roasters
sustainable coffee roasters
sustainable coffee roasters
Bristol twenty coffee packaging
sustainable coffee roaster

Our Vehicles and Delivery

Bristol Twenty has started converting the car fleet over to electric. This will continue as we replace them. In the mean time, we have also switched our vans over to newer more efficient euro 6 engines (currently there are no electric vans that will do the mileage we need with the weight we carry). However, it does mean that we are lowering our emissions and increasing their efficiency. It also allows us to enter Bristol & Bath’s low-emission zones. The newer vans get almost twice the mileage as our previous diesel vans.

Local deliveries are now being done by electric vehicles and we are slowly expanding the area as we increase the fleet. We have tried to stop using couriers for anything other than the very far-afield ones as they are so inefficient

Bristol Twenty and Ecologi

Carbon Footprint and Energy

We continue to work with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions through carbon-positive schemesand have switched to ensure we are buying 100% renewable energy for the roastery.