We have busy perfecting our Swiss Water Decaffeinated Single Origin Guatemalan Strictly Hard Bean Espresso from the Fedecocagua Co-op, here at B20 HQ.

Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee. First, they start with small batches of amazing coffee and green coffee extract. Then they add local water and a dash of loving attention by monitoring time and temperature until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free. See how it all happens here

Guatemalan coffee is revered as one of the most flavorful and nu anced cups in the world. They have a distinctive taste quality favored by many for its rich flavor. In the cup, a Guatemalan is a medium-to-full bodied coffee, often with depth and complexity of taste that is almost spicy to the tongue. We have been lucky enough to have sourced our beans from the Fedecocagua Co-op in Guatemala. Established in 1969, FEDECOCAGUA is a cooperative organization with 20,000 members. Seventy percent of co-op members are members of indigenous groups from various regions of Guatemala, including Huehuetenango, Cobán, Verapaces, Retalhuleu, San Marcos, and Zacapa.

With proceeds from the price, the co-op has been able to:

• Buy new trucks that help to reduce transportation costs involved in coffee production

• Establish healthcare centers and pharmacies to meet the needs of local families

• Create micro-credit and pre-harvest financing programs

• Construct new schools and offer members’ children scholarships to continue their education

• Finance electricity, potable water, and road construction projects

• Lend support to the “María Auxiliadora Weavers Club,” a group of 25 women weavers who have exported their colorful handmade crafts, bags, placemats and napkins to Germany, benefiting more than 125 children from Patzún, Chimaltenango

About the Co-op
Date Established: 1969
Number of Members: 20,000
Annual Production: 630 containers

About the Coffee
Varieties of Arabica: Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra, Pache, Pacas
Elevation: 900m – 1,900m
Processing: Wet processing, patio drying
Bean Characteristics: SHB, HB
Cup Characteristics: Good acidity and body
Harvest Season: Nov-April
Export Season: Year round
Organic Production: 3%
Organic Certification Agency: IMO

Tasting Notes:

Bright tasting and full bodied, like rich caramel apple pie.