Understanding Cocoa Percentages with Zuma Drinks

This week is Chocolate Week!

As we celebrate Chocolate Week, this month we have delved into the world of cocoa percentages and what they mean on our favourite Zuma drinks. Cocoa percentages are found on the packaging of cocoa products, indicating the proportion of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in the product. This percentage tells you how much of the cocoa bean’s components are present, excluding added sugar or milk solids. They are crucial in determining the flavour, texture, and overall quality of your cocoa-based drinks.

Plant Based Powders - Beetroot
Plant Based Powders - Beetroot
Plant Based Powders - Beetroot

Lower Cocoa Percentages

The Zuma Original Hot Chocolate has the lowest cocoa percentage in the range as it has a blend of 25% West African cocoa and sugar. It is a traditional smooth, sweet and creamy chocolate. It tastes just like a good-quality milk chocolate bar!

Lower cocoa percentages powders are labelled as ‘milk chocolate’ or ‘sweet cocoa.’ They contain a higher proportion of sugar and milk solids, resulting in a sweeter and creamier taste. Ideal for making hot chocolate that’s on the milder, sweeter side.

Mid Range Cocoa Percentages

Zuma’s Dark Hot Chocolate falls within the mid-range cocoa percentage category, offering a delightful blend with 33% cocoa content. Similarly, the Fairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate also contains 33% West African cocoa.

Both of these are best described as the ‘semisweet’ or ‘bittersweet’, striking a harmonious balance between the intensity of cocoa and the sweetness level. They are ideal for baking, making rich hot chocolate, and creating a versatile chocolate flavour.

Higher Cocoa Percentages

The New Dominican Republic Hot Chocolate is Zuma's highest cocoa powder with 35% cocoa, which creates earthly notes combined with mild fruity undertones and a touch of smokiness.  The higher cocoa percentages imparts a mild bitterness, nearing a sour note resulting in a rich and chocolatey flavour. It is pure only containing cocoa and sugar, ensuring a truly authentic cocoa experience.

As Chocolate Week unfolds, these cocoa percentages guide you in selecting the perfect Zuma drink to indulge in the chocolatey delights of the season. Whether you prefer sweet and smooth or intense and complex, Zuma's cocoa range has something for every palate, ensuring a delightful chocolate experience for everyone!

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Plant Based Powders - Beetroot
Plant Based Powders - Beetroot

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