Festive Favourites From Bristol Twenty

Fancy trying a new festive drink this Christmas? | Bristol Twenty Festive Favourites

Now that it’s getting chilly outside and we’ve packed away all the Halloween decorations, it’s time to start planning for the festive season as we all look forward to some much-needed time celebrating with loved ones!

If you are looking for a new festive favourite this year alongside the Christmas classics, then take a look at the Bristol Twenty Festive Favourites. Explore new flavours and fully immerse yourself into the festive season!

bristol twenty coffee

Gingerbread Mocha

Add a touch of indulgence to your favourite coffee with Sweetbirds gingerbread syrup. Warming flavours of spicy gingerbread.

The word gingerbread is often associated with gingerbread cookies, the gingerbread house and, of course, the gingerbread man! All of these gingerbread items are associated with a feeling of warmth and cosiness during the winter holidays. Recreate that cosy feeling of warmth around the fireplace when flavouring your beverages with Sweetbirds Gingerbread Syrup! This syrup presents a perfectly balanced blend of ginger and cinnamon for a true Gingerbread taste. Beyond the winter season, Sweetbirds Gingerbread Syrup can also be enjoyed year-round in milkshakes or iced and frozen coffees.


Gingerbread syrup | Zuma Dark Hot Chocolate | Single Espresso | Steamed Milk


Add 2 pumps syrup, 1 scoop of Zuma Dark Hot Chocolate and a single espresso to a cup. Stir into a paste and top with steamed milk.

bristol twenty coffee

Cinnamon Caramel Latte

Sweetbirds Cinnamon syrup makes anything taste like Christmas, makes a great cinnamon latté, as well as all other coffees, apple pies, cakes and biscuits.

Developed to fulfil the demand for a very spicy syrup, Sweetbirds Cinnamon Syrup has natural extracts of cinnamon and a touch of chilli pepper which will turn up the heat in both hot and cold drinks.

The strong, festive flavour of cinnamon will give your cocktails, chocolate drinks and fruit punches a kick for the festive season.


Cinnamon syrup | Caramel Syrup | Single Espresso | Steamed Milk


Add 1 pump of cinnamon syrup and 1 pump of caramel syrup to milk and steam together until frothy. Pour into a mug and top with a shot of espresso.

bristol twenty coffee

Mince Pie Hot Chocolate

Nothing says Christmas more than a festive drink, accompanied by a mince pie. So let’s combine them to make the ultimate Christmas treat …

Sweetbirds Pumpkin Spice Syrup and Toffee Apple creates a festively sweet treat with notes of clove and cinnamon spices combined with a delicious flavour of crisp apple and smouldering toffee.


Steamed Zuma Dark Hot Chocolate | Pumpkin Spice syrup | Toffee Apple syrup | Steamed milk


Combine 1 scoop hot chocolate with a splash of water. Add 1 pump of each syrup and mix into a smooth paste. Add steamed milk, stirring as you pour

bristol twenty coffee

More of a tea drinker? We have the perfect festive treat for you!

We are all starting to get into the Christmas spirit, so what better way to look ahead to the festive season than with our new Christmas Cookie Tea.

Brew yourself a cup of festive cheer with this luxurious fruity, Christmasy treat – Christmas Cookie Tea.

We’ve taken the essence of Christmas flavours and blended them together in just the right proportions to give a fruity, warming, spicy cup that will make you want to wear a Christmas hat when you drink it.

The ingredients for this tea contain Hibiscus and Rosehip shells for colours, apple pieces and orange peel for sweetness and zestiness and cinnamon and ginger to complete this festive flavour profile!

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