New Range of Speciality Teas Now Available from Bristol Twenty

New Range of Speciality Teas Now Available from Bristol Twenty. After a successfully busy Summer spanning numerous festivals up and down the UK,
Bristol Twenty are ready to welcome the cooler Autumnal months with the launch of our new pyramid tea bags collection. Available in packs of 25 or 100.

Speciality teas, from classic favourites such as Breakfast, Earl Grey and Assam to emerging tea trends including Chai, Yunnan Green and Passionfruit & Orange. All of our teas are crafted and taste tested for quality at every stage by our expert blenders.

Breakfast blend, considered the most popular blended tea in British tea culture, is created using only the finest Assam & Ceylon teas. With mid sized leaves adding a subtle strength with warm, malty flavours – our Breakfast blend is perfect with your morning fry up or as an afternoon pick me up with a digestive biscuit!

Earl Grey by Bristol Twenty, famously named after British prime minister Charles Grey in the 1800’s, has been gloriously unchanged from its original origins. Featuring black tea from China, blended with vibrant cornflowers and delicately scented with the finest Mediterranean bergamot oil. Our Earl Grey is gently aromatic and bursting with fresh citrus flavours – perfect with a fresh lemon slice or milk to taste.

Assam tea, introduced to Europe by Scottish adventurer Robert Bruce in the 1800’s, has remained true to its original roots thanks to Bristol Twenty’s expert blending. Using only tea sourced from the fertile tea gardens of Assam. The tea grown in these valleys in the north-east of India are highly regarded by tea connoisseurs. Bristol Twenty’s Assam tea has an exquisite liquor and superb balance of flavour with a full-bodied strength & rich, malty flavours.

From classic favourites to emerging tea trends, Bristol Twenty has researched tea markets across the world and created unique blends in homage to these trends.

All of our new speciality teas are available to purchase online by visiting the Bristol Twenty Tea and Coffee shop

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Indian spiced Chai, the drink of choice throughout India for centuries, has been created with a Bristol Twenty twist. Blended with the finest quality Assam tea and premium whole spices for an authentic flavour. Our spiced Chai speciality tea bags are the perfect mix of aromatic & refreshing with vibrant notes of pineapple, papaya and star anise shining through. Best drunk in the traditional way, sweetened with a little honey or for a more indulgent drink, infused with hot water and blended with hot, frothy milk for the ultimate modern Chai latte.

From the strong aromatic spiced Chai to the fragrant flavour of Yunnan Green. Cultivated in the Yunnan province of southern China, green tea has been a staple of Yunnan and Chinese life for decades thanks to the warm tropical & subtropical climates that support tea plant growth. Bristol Twenty’s variety of Yunnan Green features large, very attractive, twisted leaves with a little tip. The liquor of this particular blend is bright and fragrant with a sweet, lightly nutty and delicate flavour with a long-lasting aftertaste. Best served with water just off the boil, without milk. Great served alongside traditional Asian rice dishes.

No speciality teas collection is complete without a fruit tea, in Bristol Twenty’s case this fruity addition comes in the form of passionfruit and orange tea bags. Our fruit infusion is full of tropical flavours including rosehip, hibiscus & apple in addition to passionfruit and orange which combine to create a bright, naturally sweet beverage. Perfect served hot with honey for a taste of sunshine on a blustery day or leisurely steeped and poured over ice for a go-to BBQ drink.

These are an overview of the fabulous speciality teas on offer from Bristol Twenty – the full range, including further exciting flavours and classics, can be found in our online shop. All teas listed are available as packs of 25 tea bags or 100 tea bags.

If you have any questions, queries or comments about our speciality teas range, we love to chat! Please call us on 0843 557 4669 or if email is more your thing, we can be reached on

Our beautiful speciality teas collection labels were created in collaboration with Cotswolds design studio Riley & Thomas. If you have a project that you feel needs a refresh, please get in touch on 01386 842 936 to arrange a coffee & brainstorm

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