Top five Bristol Twenty Coffees 

Coffees at the heart of our collection

Discover the coffees at the heart of our collection, and the ones our customers come back to time and time again. In light of National Coffee Week in the UK, we have picked our top five personal favourite coffees from our collection that are special to us for different reasons. Keep reading to find out how they are made and the unique stories behind them.

bristol twenty tea
bristol twenty tea


Copan-Cabana had to be in our top 5 coffees, it was the very first original blend that we did and is still to this day the most popular. It is a 100% arabica blend made up of top quality coffees from Brazil and Honduras, it is smooth and rich with a long, intense finish. 

The beans are roasted dark which produces a rich, full-bodied flavour. The cinnamon nuance and undertones of dark chocolate is perfectly paired with our Honduras SHG which gives a cocoa herbal and nutty flavour with hints of lemon and a languishing creamy taste.

This blend forms a chocolate body, encased with sugar cane sweetness and toffee flavours. This is perfect for anything from filter coffee to espresso.

Formula 442

Another one of our all time favourites is our Formula 442. This is a dark roasted Fairtrade, Organic & Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. 

El Salvador Strictly Hard Bean refers to coffee grown at altitudes higher than about 4,500 feet above sea level, making the beans mature slowly and grow to become harder and denser than other beans. Sumatran Mandheling Grade 1 beans have their own flavour of rich undertones and mild sweetness. Ethiopian Yiracheffe was the first coffee to be made from beans flourished from Ethiopian trees, the coffees produced in this area will amaze you with their citrus and floral notes.

The blend of these 3 beans creates a unique flavour of flowery berries, followed by a deep, smoky treacle and walnut finish. Low in acidity with a full bodied taste.

bristol twenty tea

21 Ten

21 Ten is the coffee we are most proud of as it was made in memory of our founder and Father Roy Ireland. With every pack of 21 Ten coffee that is sold, £1 is donated to The Bristol & Weston Hospital Charity, the charity for Bristol & Weston city centre hospitals. Roy Ireland and his family received outstanding care from all of the staff in the BRI.

21 Ten is a perfect balance of beans from Brazil and Costa Rica. This is perfect for any espresso, cappuccino and latte. It has a beautiful and lively aroma of vanilla, flavourful fruit and chocolate notes. It is also roasted in small batches to ensure full flavour.

bristol twenty tea

Brazilian – Mio – Lot 1990

Brazilian- Mio is a very special and unique coffee from our collaboration with Mio

When we made the decision to become 100% traceable, Mio was the first farm we worked with and we still have a special relationship with the family.  

Mio pride themselves on being a 100% traceable from where the cherries are harvested to how they are processed using satellite imagery.

The honey processed yellow catucai is a unique bean; it is the first Brazilian peaberry we have come across. The bean size is so uniform that it roasts evenly every time. It is full of milk chocolate sweetness with touches of praline and caramel and then it finishes off with the tang of tangerine.

bristol twenty tea

Sumatra Hutan

Sumatra Hutan is another coffee that is close to our hearts because of the incredible work Kopepi does to save the rainforest in Sumatra. It is also a key part of Formula 442.

Sumatra Hutan is a new coffee created with Ketiara and DR Wakefield to fund for the protection of the forests in Sumatra where this coffee is grown. Ketiara is a women-led cooperative, beyond producing and trading premium quality coffee, Ketiara celebrates their value to promote women and the younger farmer generation in the coffee business.

Sumatra Hutan coffee is grown in the forested mountains, using shade grown coffee production as a means to protect the local ecosystem. It has a rich coffee taste with mild sweetness. The coffee is described as a chocolate, pineapple, brown sugar, lemongrass and berry-like.

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