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Explore the new trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2018

Looking back, 2017 was a fantastic year for us here at Bristol Twenty, going from strength to strength, introducing new formulas and products with great success.

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Among our new formulas are a special Roy Ireland memorial blend, with £1 from each pack sold being donated to the Bristol charity Above & Beyond and our exciting new product range features Bristol Twenty branded hoodies, travel cups and hot drink hampers. These goodies can be found in our online shop.

As we go into 2018, we are aware of the ever changing trends surrounding the coffee industry.
We have rounded up our favourite trends that we will be looking out for in 2018.

More Diverse Micro Roasteries & Cafe Openings

Throughout 2017, we saw a rise in micro roasteries and cafes offering customers a more diverse experience, going beyond the usual offering of coffee and cakes, we can see this trend growing within the next year.
Independent micro roasteries & cafes are offering customers an incentive to stay beyond newspapers, magazines and hot beverages.
Bikes for hire; board games to play; plants to maintain and classes in coffee roasting and craft are being offered in multiple independent outlets. Offering customers the opportunity to try something new or indulge in an old passion – our favourites around Bristol so far are – Whites BotanicalsThe Butchers BlockMikes Bikes and Full Court Press

Super Powders

Throughout last year matcha and turmeric became increasingly popular and this popularity is set to rise throughout 2018. Alongside matcha and turmeric, other ‘super powders’ are set to become popular additions to hot beverages, smoothies and baked goods.

Beetroot powder is already appearing in coffees and hot chocolates, offering a deeper, earthy flavour that compliments both coffee and dark chocolate with the added bonus of turning beverages a beautiful purple hue.

Forgotten Coffee Varieties

Bristol Twenty Single Origin Coffee

The adverse weather conditions we have had in recent years due to the change in climate, have encouraged previously struggling coffee plant varieties to thrive. This has led to previously forgotten coffee varieties to be rediscovered and brought back to life.

‘Forgotten coffees’ are found in the Kafa zone in Ethiopia, and are quite hard to come by. Hopefully things will improve and we’ll see more as the years go by. We would recommend this blend as a good alternative.

Focus on Water

This year will see a much sharper focus on how water is used in the coffee making process. For example, when ‘hard water’ is used to brew coffee the resulting cup of coffee can become slightly bitter due to the presence of extra minerals in the water. Using ‘soft water’ can result in your cup of coffee tasting flat with a duller flavour thanks lack of minerals.
To combat the changes in flavour, we will be seeing an increased use of distilled and purified waters being used for a cleaner, fresher cup of coffee.

Bristol Twenty Glitter Cappucino
Bristol Twenty Single Cold Brew Coffee
Bristol Twenty Cold Brew Coffee

Edible Glitter

Following on the back of the increasingly popular Unicorn trend, glitter coffees are steadily coming to the mainstream, especially in coffee shops throughout Mumbai.
Glitter cappuccinos start with a standard cappuccino base with edible glitter added at the end for a signature shine. The glitter only affects the appearance of the coffee and not the taste, though it is important to always use edible glitter when making drinks for human consumption.
To create this stylish look with your Bristol Twenty coffee offering – edible glitter is available to buy in our online shop.

Cold Brew Coffee

2018 will see the cold brew coffee trend grow. Cold brew coffee is a more labour intensive coffee making process but promises a much smoother, less acidic and naturally sweeter taste in comparison to coffee made in the traditional way. Ground coffee is brewed with cold or room-temperature water over a 12 – 24 hour period which is what gives the coffee its characteristic flavour.
You can buy a Bristol Twenty cold brew coffee kit here.

Bristol Twenty Savoury Coffee Pairing

Mushroom Infused Products

Ever since appearing in smoothies made by health guru Gwyneth Paltrow back in 2016, mushroom infused products have been rising in popularity ever since. Traditionally mushrooms have been used as a dietary supplement to support wellness, different varieties of mushrooms used for this include reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane. Similar to beetroot, adding mushrooms creates a bold, earthy richness to bottled cold drinks, tea, coffee and smoothies.

Savoury Pairings

Following on from the savoury richness mushrooms bring to beverages, through 2018 we will increasingly see savoury menu items being paired with short, sharp shots of espresso. Think salty, bacon wrapped scallops served alongside a shot of dark, chilled espresso.
We will also see a further rise in coffee grounds being used to further enhance rich, savoury dishes, such as fillet of beef wrapped and cooked in coffee grounds imparting a dark serendipity of flavours.

Middle East Flavours

Thanks to the early popularity of hummus, pitta and falafels customers are looking to delve deeper into Middle Eastern Flavours. Spices such as cardamom will become a flavouring in its own right, as opposed to being used alongside other strong flavours in drinks such as Chai Latte. Cardamom adapts well for use across all hot beverages, coffee,hot chocolate and even plain steamed milk in particular benefit from the addition of this spice.
Other additions we will be seeing more of from the Middle East are lavender and rose flavoured products, these add fresh, aromatic, floral notes to hot beverages working particularly well with hot chocolates and steamed milk.

These are an overview of the trends we’re most looking forward to in 2018 – What are you looking forward to trying?

If you have any questions, queries or comments about the trends and how Bristol Twenty can help you offer these, we love to chat!
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