Sugar-Free Syrups For Your Morning Coffee

Want to discover your perfect sugar-free syrups for your coffee?

January is the perfect time to start looking at how we can still have our morning coffee fix but reduce our sugar intake through sugar-free syrups. After a month of drinking gorgeously festive lattes and rich creamy hot chocolates topped with cream and marshmallows, traditionally, the new year is a time when we all start to look at what we are consuming and make resolutions to consumer lower-calorie options.

As more people are working from home, it is easier than ever to have control over what you are putting in your hot drinks, helping you make better choices. As part of Sugar Awareness Week, we have put together a selection of delicious recipes using Sweetbird sugar-free syrups which are available to buy on our online shop. Sweetbird syrups are all free from artificial colours and preservatives and free from GMOs, but they are full of flavour!  Sweetbird syrups are also registered with The Vegan Society.

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Guilt Free Indulgence

Going vegan this January? If you have made the swap to dairy-free milk this January then it can be difficult to know whether to choose soya, almond, or oat milk. Whether you choose non-dairy milk for ethical, health, or other reasons, it’s important to find one that doesn’t overwhelm the subtleties of your coffee. Some non-dairy options have overpowering flavours, which makes sugar free syrups a great addition to enhance flavour or make a dairy and sugar free take on your normal coffee order. (We recommend using Gut Instinct Oat Milk if you are new to using dairy alternatives)

There is an increasingly large choice in the non-dairy milk market as well as a variety of sugar-free syrups. With this variety, it is likely you can find plant milk that works with your choice of speciality coffee and lifestyle.

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Low Calories But Big Flavours For Your Classic Sugar-Free Creations

Here are our best selling syrups, in all the glory of being sugar-free, as well as a festive classic, if you want to reminisce over the festive months. They are the perfect start in making your morning coffee sugar free and sticking to your new year resolutions.

From a rich and velvety caramel flavour that is deliciously moreish and versatile to the finest pure vanilla extract to add to your latte. Or why not try the fresh taste and aroma of hazelnut with a touch of almond and sweet vanilla, perfect for a mocha or a hot chocolate.

Having the ability to swap out your normal sweet syrup for a sugar-free version in your coffee gives you the ability to enjoy your coffee with all of the indulgent flavours but sugar-free. The selection of sugar-free syrups also means that you are not limited, there are so many recipes that can be made from Sweetbirds sugar-free syrups.

Caramelised Hazelnut Steamer (VE)


•1 pump sugar-free Hazelnut syrup

• 1 pump sugar-free Caramel syrup

• Steamed oat milk

1. Combine the syrups in a cup

2. Top up with steamed oat milk, stirring as you pour

Salted Caramel Latte (VE Available)


• 2 pumps sugar-free Salted Caramel syrup

• Double espresso

• Steamed milk

1. Combine the syrup and double espresso in a cup

2. Top up with steamed milk, stirring as you pour

For a vegan option use, oat, soya or almond milk. (VE Option)

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate (VE)

Sugar Free Syrup

• 2 pumps sugar-free Gingerbread syrup

• 1 scoop Zuma Dark hot chocolate

• Steamed soya milk

1. Combine the syrup and hot chocolate with a splash of hot water and mix to a smooth paste

2. Top up with steamed soya milk, stirring as you pour


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