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Tips To Setting Up A Successful Coffee Shop

For us Spring is always a busy time for new start ups, so this month we’ve asked some of our customers for their tips on setting up and running a successful coffee shop. 

The coffee shop sector in the UK is growing 8 times faster than the UK economy, so competition is high. We have compiled all of their tips in one handy place.

Tips To Setting Up A Successful Coffee Shop


Finding the perfect location is unique to you.

Figure out the type of coffee shop you want to have and base the location around that. 

Do you want a busy week and quieter weekends?

Find a location in a high business area.

Do you want to appeal to the younger generation?

Maybe a location near a university, college or school.

Do you want to be open into the evening?

A location close to residential areas would help.

Do you want a rural location?

If you are going to be a destination coffee shop, ensure you have adequate parking, cycle stands, or on a public transport route.

Whichever location you choose you need to ensure that there is foot fall and/or easy access. Stake out prospective units and all different times to see how many and what type of people are around, to ensure your idea fits.


Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you have a solid business plan showing:

  • What your business is and who it serves
  • How you will make it profitable
  • Your target market
  • Your competitors
  • Sales and revenue predictions
  • Milestones and goals

One of the most common tips when planning your coffee shop, that we heard, was factor in your expenses and salary.

It’s so easy to plan the business without considering how you will live for the first couple of years whilst you grow the business and this is why it is one of our main tips for setting up a successful coffee shop.


What is your unique selling point?

With so many new startups, what will set you aside from the competition?

Will you be serving the best doughnuts in town?

Will you be using an unusual, unique coffee that no one else is serving?

Will you have a theme, such as a board game coffee shop?

Whatever you choose as your USP, it should follow through the business to ensure that people know what it is.

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